Mountain-top cubesat demonstrator for urban AQ monitoring at sub-hectometer spatial resolution

Mission of the project

To answer the question: What options are there to get better spatial and temporal resolution from space and ground?

For this project, we propose to build a mountaintop cubesat demonstrator overlooking the city of Innsbruck. We claim that in combination with local in-situ and remote sensing measurements and the modelling component, this entire system would meet all the objectives of the project.

The system will serve several purposes:

  • Demonstrate the capabilities and test the performance of a cubesat prototype

  • Monitor the AQ in and around Innsbruck at high temporal and spatial resolution

  • Investigate the question of what is the best possible effective ground resolution that can be obtained with nadir looking remote sensing observations

  • Assess the options for a high resolution AQ retrieval system combining measurements and model calculation